UNITY in Lapis. This is my new favorite. I selected these stones because, to me, they resemble our planet. I hand-knotted these 14mm stones and finished the necklace at just over about 16”. Whether or not you believe in the healing properties of stones, I find it fun to read how each is believed to help. Lapis Lazuli has been a crystal of leaders since ancient times. Egyptian rulers wore this deep blue stone in their jewelry. They also adorned their burial sites with it. King Tutankhamen’s sarcophagus includes inlaid Lapis. Catherine the Great, a Russian Empress, ornamented an entire room with Lapis Lazuli. Not only is Lapis believed to provide balance, some say it assists the user with communication difficulties and helps to keep them honest and forthright. Another benefit is said to be that Lapis helps one express his/her/their beliefs without compromising them.

UNITY in Lapis

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