UNITY was born from a single necklace I made and gifted to my friend of over a decade. It garnered a surprising amount of attention as she wore it in her boutique. We quickly realized this necklace was special beyond our own story, and I began making small batches of the necklaces for her shop and mine. 

After a successful Kickstarter Campaign in late 2018, I am now elated to be creating enough for all who are drawn to it. 


These meaningful necklaces share consistency in a clasp of two hands of different metals uniting in a handshake.  It is a rather cool sensation to feel the magnetic pull as the hands seemingly want to come together.


Much divides, disconnects and categorizes people, unnecessarily. This necklace represents the goodness of humanity. Oneness, not sameness.  


I craft each necklace myself in a little studio over our garage in Northern California. In purchasing a necklace to enjoy yourself or give as a gift, you are supporting a small business… a mompreneur, if you will.

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